09 November 2012

Ciao, Max

Yikes. No updates here for awhile . . . What better way to kick this neglected blog thing back to life than with a somewhat tardy acknowledgement of Max Biaggi's retirement from racing motorcycles. I only witnessed the man ride once--earlier this year, in fact--but was always a fan of his sublimely smooth and economical riding style, paired as it was with his mercurial personality and . . . ah, assertive competitive instincts. A fan I was, even if I could hardly fault the occasional rider straining to get his hands around Max's neck. So. Cheers, to a racer.

14 July 2012


Monaco it's not . . .

Wanna ride bikes?  Sure, says J.D.

Wish I could, says Coolbeth

Jake Johnson

Jake chased . . .

. . . but there was no catching Jared Mees

02 June 2012

MMP (Motorcycles Made Proportional)

Miller Motorsports Park and the landscape of Utah conspire to make motorcycles look really small.  Not a bad thing, really, but one does have to make allowances.

01 May 2012

One May

1 May 1994.

I had spent the Saturday night with friends in Atlanta so I wasn’t able to watch the San Marino Grand Prix from Imola live Sunday morning as I normally would have.  While I drove back to Athens late Sunday morning, wondering whether my VCR had rendered the race to tape as instructed, the DJ spoke up with news from the Formula 1 racing series.  Instantly on alert, this notice coming over the air in NASCAR country, where Formula 1 essentially didn’t exist and certainly had never been mentioned on any radio program I had ever heard, I waited for news of an event grim enough to merit mention.  Formula 1 World Champion Ayrton Senna of Brazil has been killed in Italy, in a racing accident.    

I don’t actually remember whether my VCR recorded the race.  I think not.  I’ve seen plenty of footage in the years since, and I remember going through all the foreign papers in the university library in the days and weeks that followed, seeking a breadth and depth of coverage that approached my own sense of loss.  

I didn’t know the man.  Now I know he had human flaws to match his super-human talents.  I’ve come think it silly to invest too much in sporting stars.  They’re just people, if highly talented, skilled, and dedicated people engaged in admirable pursuits.  But Senna occupied considerable space in my consciousness at the time and in the years around it; he was F1, to me.  His genius, competitiveness, passion, and sheer singlemindedness made it easy for a high school and college kid to be drawn in to his orbit.  I, along with my father and brother, was drawn all the way to Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, in August 1993, my first and still only first-hand F1 race attendance.  

I’m not sure that Spa experience could ever be bettered.  And I’m certain there will be no displacing of Senna.         

28 March 2012

No. 9 @ Daytona

Jason DiSalvo's Latus Motors Racing Triumph 675R will return to standard colors for Round 2 of the AMA Pro Racing Daytona SportBike championship next month at Road Atlanta, so let's take a moment or two to enjoy the Gary Nixon tribute colors exhibited at Daytona.

21 March 2012


I think this is my favorite photo from Daytona.  It's the front tire of the Project 1 Atlanta Yamaha R6, which Joey Pascarella had just ridden to the Daytona 200 win and his marked spot in Victory Circle.  I like to look for something a little different, particularly when confined to a staged setting like a podium ceremony.  Sometimes I get lucky too, as I did here with the strong reflected light on what would normally be the shaded underside of the tire.  So.  Gnarly textured used racing tire, 1st place "ribbon," interesting light and shadow.  It's all there.


08 March 2012

Daytona Race Week in a Week

As thrilling as it sometimes was, the Ben & Mat Show of a few years ago tended to put the rest of the Superbike field in the shade.  It's probably safe to assume next week's AMA Pro Road Racing competition at Daytona International Speedway will be more closely fought at the front of the pack.