18 August 2009

Just Josh'n: AMA @ VIR

The Suzuki Big Kahuna Nationals from Virginia International Raceway are done, and Josh Hayes is a deserving Big Kahuna after winning the pole and taking two dominating Superbike wins on his sweet-sounding Yamaha R1. Please enjoy a few photos from the weekend.

Josh #1: Hayes. Superbike.

Josh #2: Herrin. Sportbike. (8)

Josh #3: Day. Supersport.

Not Josh: Taylor Knapp, 1st-time AMA Pro Racing polesitter

Also not Josh: Danny Eslick and his yellow Buell are fun to watch and photograph.

There was a class called MotoGT too.

Next up: MotoGP @ Indianapolis Motor Speedway and AMA Pro Flat Track from the legendary Indy Mile.

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Scott Jones said...

Great slow pans of Eslick! Nice work, Tim.