06 April 2010

Coolest tire swing ever?

Anybody know how to decode Goodyear tire engineer scribblings? Maybe we can figure out who used the tire.

Here are some detail photos of the mystery tire.

Right-front, #12 car?


Anonymous said...

My guess is the tire is almost 2 years old, the purple writing is active run data...
photo 1 car location and set #

photo 2 tire surface temps, air pressure depending on track surface and banking appears to be good ot fair. Middle number being higher shows slight over inflation(?)

photo 4 86 inches=tire circumference, which is a short 27.5 inch tire, which may explain the middle number in photo #2. we've all heard the phrase "an air pressure adjustment".

It is not a short track tire...

cool swing, and a neat post...it will be interesting to see how many cross over (cars/bikes) folks are out there.

...where do I pick up my tickets and travel arrangements for the Sonoma race...LOL!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Goodyear code D4148 is from the Nationwide series and could have been run at a few different tracks during the 2008-09 seasons.


Michigan International Speedway
Nationwide Series Tire Codes: Left-side -- D-4134; Right-side -- D-4148

Nationwide Series teams will be running the same combination of left- and right-side tire codes they ran at Kentucky in June . . . they also ran this tire set-up at Michigan and Kentcky last season . . . teams in the Nationwide Series should be especially familiar with this left-side tire, having run it 12 times between 2008 and 2009 . . .